Stillwater Fishing in Colorado

Stillwater fishing is always something interesting. It’s a combination of preparation, and a little bit of luck. When fishing with an indicator the key components include depth, along with fly selection. When stillwater fishing I try to locate features of the body of water that would attract fish. For instance, I look for weed lines, and underwater vegetation where fish could be looking for food. In Colorado chironomids come off pretty heavy year round, and some fisheries have large populations of freshwater shrimp. I always try to pair a leech with some type of nymph. Using this setup I will cast to where I believe the weedline is, and slowly strip it through the feeding line. I try to keep the fly close to the bottom, but this varies depending on the day. One particular day I was fishing for a couple hours without a bite. I tried everything from fly and color changes, to changes in depth. I finally began stripping it pretty heavy and after losing a few fish, I felt a dead weight a couple yards from my feet. This was one of the biggest trout of my life, and it fought like a bat out of hell. Finally this fish fell into the net, and left my dad and I speechless. You gotta treat every snag like a fish, and don’t take a single cast for granted, because you never know when the next memory will come tugging. 

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