Beginner Information

Is it your first time booking a guided trip? Here are some things to consider before booking.


The best way to spend a lot of money and have an awful time on a guided trip is to not look at the weather. It is important to know weather patterns of the area if you are booking far in advance, and if you are booking in the near future check the weather. It is the best way to ensure a good experience

What's Included?

Every guide provides a different types and amounts of gear and food. Some guides will require that you bring your own gear (like a fly rod) and others will provide it for you. This is important if your are new to the activity and don't want to purchase gear in advance. Additionally, some guides provide lunch for full day trips, so you don't need to buy food. Finally, some guides charge extra for flies and some are provided by the guides. These additional charges make the day much more expensive, and it is important to be aware of them


Many rates vary by the amount of anglers and time. It is important to see how long the guide is willing to go with you (you don't want your day surprisingly cut short). It is also important to learn where the guides are taking you. Will they take you on just public lands/water or are they willing to take you on private water. Are they willing to change locations or take you to a specific location of your choosing? These are all important when picking your guide.

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